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A turn for the Better or worse?

Well there comes a time in one's life when his wife has produced hundreds of blog entries and he has done nothing.  Much to some surprise I don't even read them most of the time. Hey I'm here doing it, so I know about what's going on. Maybe when i am 60 I will look back and read them, and think how weird the stuff we did was.

Don't worry I'm not going to ramble on like Katherine does with all the writing and detailed things that have happened. I am going to do one better. Pictures.  It is said that, "pictures say a thousand words."  Be prepared to have thousands and thousands of words thrown at you. And a caption or two under them.

Won't be seeing Temps like this for a while
Or have your eyelashes freeze shut

So we decided to have a round of Golf for 8 bucks to warm up.

This is true
Not so true for travel like this.
First one to see the sky tower in my blog post.
A warm hut after 15km of hiking

My heart and lungs about to explode

A great morning for a surf.
Now it is final, water goes down the drains in a clockwise formation.
Stop asking now.

Traffic on the way to surf.

They are remaking this video in town:
I'm in some tryouts for the kid at 1:08
and the guy with the gloves dancing at 2:15.
Cross your fingers for me.
Katherine is trying out for the waving at 1:33
 And is this song in your head now?

Found this little guy while golfing

Urenui Golf Course

winter is coming

Hey who wants to have a beer with this shield looking trophy? More on that another time.

We can see a boat from our house!!!

Birthday present

Don't know what this means
This is how she paid for it

Kai, what a sweetheart of a dog.

This is the game for me

This kid went to the top of this sand dune on a boogie board and I only caught the end of the jump.

The End


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    1. Glad you like it! But never fear, we love (and welcome) comments around here!


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